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Kimre™ Technology

The introduction of Kimre™ high-performance, interlaced mesh structure revolutionized the technology of process fluid separation and air pollution control.

This unique, innovative concept is far superior to the usual tower packing, chevrons, and mesh pads used for mass and heat transfer, particulate removal and mist elimination.

As a result, industries around the world have increased production, reduced energy and maintenance costs, and reduced emissions to comply with ever more stringent air and water pollution control standards.

The Kimre interlaced mesh structure is simple, yet surprisingly effective. The basic structure of the mesh forms a ladder-like arrangement of thermoplastic filaments, forming double-V systems that intersect each other at right angles.

Our engineered mesh construction has a large surface area and void space. The choice of filament diameter and the physical arrangement of mesh layers optimize the effectiveness and range of solid or liquid particle removal. A variety of thermoplastic filament materials allows for continuous service from -320° F to 400° F (-195° C to 204° C).

The thermoplastic media eliminates problems associated with corrosion, contamination, and erosion. The lightweight material is flexible, offers exact fit and is easy to install, remove, and maintain.

Kimre offers a range of products, all based on its unique media that effectively removes solid and liquid particles below one micron while draining large volumes of liquid. Kimre products are so effective they make traditional tower packing and metal pads obsolete.