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Cooling Tower Drift Eliminators

rift is water lost from cooling towers as liquid droplets are entrained in the exhaust air. The drift loss is independent of the water lost by evaporation. The drift loss may be expressed in units of lb/hr or percentage of circulating water flow. Drift eliminators are used to control this drift loss from the tower.

DRIFTOR® Drift Eliminators can solve some of the most common problems associated with drift loss:

  • Corrosion problems on surrounding piping, equipment, and electrical components
  • Short circuiting resulting in failure of electrical systems
  • Icing of public roads, parking lots, and fields downwind of the tower
  • Emission of chemicals to the atmosphere

Features and Benefits of DRIFTOR®

  • Completely flexible
  • Incredibly light-weight
  • Fabricated in widths up to 72 inches (1.8 m) and unlimited lengths
  • Media rolls up compactly for shipment and storage
  • Low cost of materials + low cost of shipping + low cost of installation = Most Inexpensive drift eliminator available

Description of DRIFTOR®

Many cooling towers contain the standard chevron design drift eliminators or high velocity drift eliminators. DRIFTOR® Drift Eliminators are comprised of two sets of uniquely interlaced monofilaments, each forming a V-shaped arrangement. This monofilament drift eliminator is fabricated from 16-mil (0.41 mm) or 37-mil (0.95 mm) diameter polypropylene monofilaments filled with carbon black. This material resists ultraviolet deterioration by sunlight.

Pluggage and fouling in the cooling tower fill or drift eliminator, irregular air flow patterns, or damaged/chipped drift eliminator blades can cause carry-over from the tower.

The DRIFTOR® Drift Eliminators can be installed right over existing drift eliminators to collect the drift carry-over regardless of the cause. The DRIFTOR® Drift Eliminator can often be installed while the tower is in continuous operation preventing long expensive outages often associated with correcting the carry-over.

Refer to the graph below to determine the preferred style and associated pressure drop: