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Liquid-Liquid Separation

iquid – liquid mixtures must be settled and coalesced before they can be separated. Gravity Settlers or decanters can be either horizontal or vertical vessels designed to continuously settle, coalesce, and withdraw settled liquids. Cyclones and centrifuges have also been used for separating liquid/liquid mixtures by enhancing the settling rate and reducing the separation time.

Features and benefits LIQUI-NOMIX® Liquid-Liquid Separators

  • Cleanable, Reusable Cartridges
  • Outlet Limits < 2 ppm
  • Composite Design Resists Fouling
  • Exceptional Usage in Oil/Water Separators

Description of LIQUI-NOMIX®

The self-supporting LIQUI-NOMIX® structure works well in both clean and dirty services because of the large number of fibers perpendicular to the flow, the high void space, and the variety of monofilament diameters and materials of constructions available. The styles of material most commonly used in this service range in diameter from 8-mil to 37-mil (0.2 – 0.9 mm) and 94-97% void space. Combinations of styles can be used together in single stages to achieve particulate removal/filtration and fine polishing.

The composite feature of the LIQUI-NOMIX® material allows for long term operation, low maintenance, and reusability. Sludge and solids are easily cleaned from the material with cleaning solutions or high-pressure washes. Therefore, replacement costs of other types of coalescers are eliminated.