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Mist Eliminators

ist elimination or demisting can be defined as the mechanical
separation of liquids from gases. The first and most widely used separators were comprised of impaction devices in packed columns, such as packing and perforated plates. Cyclonic separators were later developed to lower the height of the packed columns. Then wire mesh mist eliminators were invented to lower the pressure drop of the cyclonic separators and improve the collection efficiency of smaller droplets.

The wire mist eliminators, commonly referred to as knitted mesh mist eliminators, collect droplets by the inertial impaction and interception mechanisms of collection. The wire mesh separators are commonly used to collect droplets above 5 microns in diameter. However, when the separation of droplets in the 1-3 µm is required, these wire mist eliminators are largely ineffective because of the mesh’s random structure, irregular density, and coarse fiber diameters.

* The left-hand number identifies the filament diameter in 0.001 inches.
The right-hand number is the approximate percentage of free void space.
These styles are standard. Other variations are available on special order.

Kimre developed a structured mesh to combat the weaknesses of the wire mesh already on the market. The material has been described as ladder-like or honeycomb-like and is comprised of three-dimensionally interlocked plastic monofilaments. Since 93% of the fibers are perpendicular to the gas flow, the pressure loss through the media is dramatically lower for the same level of efficiency as a traditional knitted mesh mist eliminator. Because of Kimre’s unique structure, we are able to produce our media in the widest range of fiber diameters in the industry. This allows Kimre’s engineers to design for the highest level of performance at any particle or mist size.

Features and benefits of B-GON® Mist Eliminators

  • Wide availability of materials and styles results in a unique solution for every application
  • Composite pads are available
  • Can operate at the highest gas velocities based on the largest fiber diameters in the industry
  • High void spaces and large fiber diameters contribute to the highest resistance to fouling.
  • Highest collection efficiency of ANY material: 99+% @ 1 µm
  • Pads are supplied in sizes from 4" diameters to ANY size
  • Material is cleanable & reusable with extended service life in the most harsh environments
  • Coalescers can be made from the finest styles of material
  • Support systems available

Description of B-GON®

Kimre offers custom designed mist eliminators for collection of droplets and particulates above 0.8 microns in diameter. Several standard pad designs are available for routine installations, but thousands of pad combinations are available for unique situations. The following graph displays the collection efficiency and clean operating pressure drop of some standard pad designs operating in an air/water environment under ambient conditions. Please feel free to use this information for general information purposes only. We strongly recommend that you contact Kimre to discuss your particular application and determine the best design for you.