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Sub-Micron Particulate Collection

erosols are suspended liquid or solid particles ranging in diameter from the submicron range to the 10 to 20µm size. Kimre offers the AEROSEP® Multi-Stage Aerosol Separation System to collect submicron particulates which are hygroscopic using the principles of condensation scrubbing. Aerosols as small as 0.2 microns in diameter pass through gas conditioning stages and particle growth stage within the AEROSEP® system before being collected by a final entrainment separator stage. The typical AEROSEP® system has four stages:
  1. Removal of incoming particles larger than 3 microns in diameter
  2. Growth of incoming submicron particles to approximately one micron using flux force or nucleated condensation
  3. Coalescing the 1 micron particles to approximately 10-12 microns
  4. Final removal of the re-entrained droplets from stage 3

This proven technology is used for emission control in areas such as flue-gas clean-up in municipal solid waste burning, and coal-fired power generation, and in particulate removal in the fertilizer and semiconductor industries.

Features and benefits of AEROSEP®

  • Aerosol removal down to 0.2 microns
  • Superior efficiency / pressure drop
  • Multi-stage design for stage-wise particle separation
  • Cleanable, reusable media reduces maintenance
  • Online maintenance capabilities reduce downtime
  • Handles upsets and reduces fouling

The AEROSEP® System has been compared to wet electrostatic precipitators and ionized wet scrubbers by outside engineering firms and has been found to operate with similar energy consumption to an ESP. However, the initial capital expenditure for the AEROSEP® is dramatically lower, making it an attractive alternative to these two pieces of equipment.